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Facebook ads

Below you’ll find ad samples you can model for your Facebook advertising.

Remember you want to model and not copy word for word. This is to ensure you stand out.

​Ad1: Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur or employee? Because many, many people consider themselves an entrepreneur…but I’ve got BAD news coming your way…Coaches are not entrepreneurs.It’s true.Coaches are employees.Let Me explain:A coach is someone who works within their business.By teaching folks 1 on 1, and spending your valuable time on just a single person, you are severely limiting your potential earnings.Giving yourself what I like to call a “glass ceiling.”Where you can, technically earn more money.But you never will, because it is impossible.There are only so many hours in a day.If you limit yourself to helping one person at a time, you will never be able to automate your income and earn top dollar. You will never earn as much as you would if you became a “digital course” creator.Which is what I’m going to help you become.Allowing you to grow your income the same way I do. And all I do is make videos a few times a week and help people become happier.I’ve helped over 10,000 students achieve their dreams of creating an online business.And have earned over N30,000,000 teaching people through various digital courses.By the way, this all started less than 2 years ago.Luckily, I never fell victim to the idea of being a “coach.”And you shouldn’t either.Inside my newly released “Information Business Machines” Free Training, I show you how to work outside of your business, and earn to your fullest potential.While still doing the thing you love, helping other people become the best they can be.Sounds amazing?Great, all you have to do is simple:Click this button to watch the Free Training:Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from an 8 figure “teacher.”Just click HERE to watch the Free TrainingClick Here Before it’s too Late [[[LINK]]]

For Mailing Purposes

Here you’ll find converting email swipes with high open and click through rates.

You can easily swipe for your own promotional. Be ethical with your promotions

Email 1 : N30 Million in 12 Months

You’re about to learn the 3 secrets behind a simple business model that made me N30 million Naira richer in 2019.Because you’ve been a loyal subscriber, I’ll give you full access to this business model so you see exactly why it’s still bringing in weekly six-figure profits like crazy even though I stopped promoting it since October 2019.The funny thing about this is…. I wasn’t even selling a physical product.I was selling information.A bunch of videos and PDFS.What kind of information was I selling?You see, the trick is not in what I was selling;But how I presented it to the market…. And why over 1300 people paid for it happily even though it wasn’t cheap.As long as you can add 2+2, you can make yourself an extra N500,000 to N1million a month using what I can teach you about this simple business model that works financial miracles.CLICK link below to discover what it is[[LINK]]Cheers

Email 2 : If you don’t do this…OYO

I’m actually angry right now,No, not with you.Here’s the storyFor a while now, I have been having one issue upon another with my prepaid meter so I requested the attention of the guy responsible for the installation of the prepaid meter.He advised he take it out for repairs.Well, I was travelling so he can do that provided it’s fixed before my return which he said yes to and to his words, the meter was fixed.2 weeks after I ran out of credits. I usually don’t allow my unit to get exhausted and I don’t know why I allowed this to (call it village people).Anyhoo, I got my token at dawn of that day (2 days ago) and trying to load my meter, I noticed the keypads weren’t working.Gad’s teeth! I cursed under my breath. But this thing was working before this man took it out for repairs.And for the past 2 days, I have been calling this man to come fix what he messed up and he’s nowhere to be found and not even taking my calls?If not for the fact that I have options (Inverter and a generator) I would have been in total blackout.As I type this, there’s power in my estate but I am running on an inverter.The point I am trying to make here is, what will happen if that source of income you have now is taken away from you?Think about it.What will happen to your children?What will happen to your spouse, will they still look at you the same way?Get a second option if you don’t have one and don’t wait until the one you have now is taken away from you.Get another source of income.Get Information Business Machines Today[[LINK]]Have a great day.[NAME]

Email 3 : #1 Money Getting Method of 2020

In case you’re wondering what it is,

It’s the same Information Marketing you’ve been told?Yes, you’ve must have heard of it from a couple of persons raving how lucrative this is.And…

You know it’s going to make the difference for you.But you’re still on the fence.


Maybe you’re comfortable with your current financial status?

I want you to perform a very short exercise with me. Let your mind wander for a minute.Breathe in and breathe out slowly.

Now, think of your future and the dream life you’ve always wanted to live.Think of a dramatically boosted income.

Think of having an inflow of cash left and right like a machine.Think of the luxury vacations you’ll take.Think of having an unstoppable and unbreakable mindset.And get that second house you’ve always dreamt of.

Can you see it all play out in front of you?

Can you see it clearly?

Well, this is your personal wakeup call and a sneak peek behind the curtains of the #1 Money getting method of 2020 and even COVID-19 can’t stop

Listen, I have no special powers.

I’m not a native English speaking person, so I make a lot of grammatical errors a lot of times.Heck! You might have detected a few reading this short post.

But then, who cares!

My point is, if I can do it, you too can.

Stop trying to get things all in perfection before getting started.

Don’t wait!

The only way people make money online is by getting out there and do their best as they keep improving with training, implementation and experience!

And they basically just solve a pressing problem.

If you’re yet to get the information Business Machines so you know how Jonathan get these things done right and keep money flowing into your bank accounts even when the globe is in the midst of an economic crisis.

Click the link below to register today. ⇒ [[LINK]]Cheers![NAME]

Email 4 : The Lazy Internet Millionaires

Most people are just too busy earning a living to make any money.

Just like many people, I used to work very hard. The 18hrs days and 7 days a week.Sitting on my desk and delivery top notch designs to my clients

But I didn’t start making money until I did less. I mean a lot less.

For example, this email you’re reading took about 20 minutes to write. With a little luck, it should earn me 50k today or maybe 500k.What’s more, is, I’m going to get much more if you pay N50k to get what I am going to show. But why should you care if what I am going to show you can make you a lot more.Say you make N100,000 to N400,000 in the next 30 days.What if I am sure, you’ll make money my lazy man’s way, just like I am about to make at least 50k from this email. Will you give it a try?

And you’re going to get the biggest bargain of your life.Because you’re about to learn what took me over 8years to perfect: How to make money the lazy man’s way.The wisest man I ever knew told me something I will never forget: “Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money.Don’t take a long time as I did to find out he was right.

A 40year old man sent me a message the other day lamenting about how he’s still squatting with others at 40.

Do you want to wait till you’re 40?Well, it’s still up to you.And even if you’re 40, it’s not too late to get started.

We have people in their 60s doing it!So why not you?

Click the link below to watch the free training created for you on how to make money the lazy man’s way

⇒ [[LINK]]Cheers[NAME]

Suitable Headlines

Here you will find headlines you can easily swipe for your Facebook ads and squeeze pages.

Remember to always model and be ethical!


  • How To Turn What You Love Into A High Paying Business Without Leaving Your Home
  • How To Start Creating Your Own Ebooks And Courses To Sell Online Using A Proven System
  • Start Collecting Extra Millions Creating and Selling Digital Courses Online…Even If You’re Just Starting Today
  • The #1 Business You Can Start During This COVID 19 Shutdown And Come Out Victorious
  • The Top Business That Won’t Be Affected By COVID19
  • The Perfect Business With High ROI To Start During This Covid 19 Shutdown 

Email headlines For High Open Rates

  • License to steal
  • When people zig…You do this
  • Don’t open if you’re already a millionaire
  • Can you answer this simple question?
  • $1000 weekly course for FREE
  • Wooo Hooo…This is awesome! 
  • N30 Million in 12 months!
  • Re: Your last chance
  • Want to dominate 2020?
  • Do you have a working system?

Convert The Webinar Script Into An Ebook.

The best way to make use of this is by using it a lead magnet and redirecting to the alternative landing pages or in your follow up email or your retargeting ad. Simply click on file and make a copy of the document.

Please Read Carefully

Note: The best way to use swipes is to model and not copy word for word.

Important: You must promote Information Business Machines as an affiliate and not as the product owner (Jonathan Melody). In no way must you copy my sales letter content in a bid to act as Jonathan Melody. If found, you’ll be banned from promoting the program.Also, the materials here are solely for the promotion of Information Business machines.

And always refer back to this page as I will always keep it updated



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