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Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur or employee? Because many, many people consider themselves an entrepreneur...but I’ve got BAD news coming your way…

Coaches are not entrepreneurs.

It’s true.

Coaches are employees.

Let Me explain:

A coach is someone who works within their business.

By teaching folks 1 on 1, and spending your valuable time on just a single person, you are severely limiting your potential earnings.

Giving yourself what I like to call a “glass ceiling.”

Where you can, technically earn more money.

But you never will, because it is impossible.

There are only so many hours in a day.

If you limit yourself to helping one person at a time, you will never be able to automate your income and earn top dollar. You will never earn as much as you would if you became a “digital course” creator.

Which is what I’m going to help you become.

Allowing you to grow your income the same way I do. And all I do is make videos a few times a week and help people become happier.

I’ve helped over 10,000 students achieve their dreams of creating an online business.
And have earned over N30,000,000 teaching people through various digital courses.

By the way, this all started less than 2 years ago.

Luckily, I never fell victim to the idea of being a “coach.”

And you shouldn’t either.

Inside my newly released “Information Business Machines” Free Training, I show you how to work outside of your business, and earn to your fullest potential.

While still doing the thing you love, helping other people become the best they can be.

Sounds amazing?

Great, all you have to do is simple:

Click this button to watch the Free Training:

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from an 8 figure “teacher.”

Just click HERE to watch the Free Training

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Convert The Webinar Script Into An Ebook.

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Note: The best way to use swipes is to model and not copy word for word.

Important: You must promote Information Business Machines as an affiliate and not as the product owner (Jonathan Melody). In no way must you copy my sales letter content in a bid to act as Jonathan Melody. If found, you’ll be banned from promoting the program.

Also, the materials here are solely for the promotion of Information Business machines.

And always refer back to this page as I will always keep it updated



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