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What Is Inside 
Information Business Machines


  • What is Information Marketing Business
  • Why Information Marketing Business
  • Actionable Plan


  • Developing a Business Mindset
  • What People Are Buying
  • Common Misconceptions


  • Intro-Types of Information
  • Book Formats
  • Audiobook Formats
  • Webinar Formats
  • Softwares
  • Membership Sites


  • It Starts WIth an Idea
  • Creating Your Money Presell
  • Creating Your Money Squeeze Page
  • Creating Your Sales Letter
  • Creating Your Evergreen Webinar
  • The God Father Strategy-Creating Irresistible Offers
  • Creating Upsells, Downsells and Cross Sells


  • Why a Niche?
  • Setting Up Your Google Account
  • Creating a ClickBank Account
  • Finding a Profitable Niche
  • The Deep Blue Sea: A Research Into Your Ideal Customers
  • Researching Your Competition
  • Spicing Up Your Offers


  • Developing Product Contents
  • Naming Your Product
  • Time Limits
  • Pricing And Increasing The Perceived Value Of Products
  • Different Payment Systems
  • Creating Your Designs Using Canva
  • Using PLR Products


  • Types of Sales Funnels
  • Funnel Structure
  • Buying Domain And Hosting
  • Installing Wordpress And PLugins
  • Presell Page Design
  • Sales Page Design
  • Squeeze Page Design
  • Upsell Page Design
  • Downsell Page Design
  • Visualizing Your Entire Funnel
  • The Art of Getting Testimonials/Reviews
  • Building Your Membership Website
  • Getting Started With Funnel Setup For Global Payments
  • Creating The Funnel Flows
  • Linking The Different Parts Of The Flow


  • What Makes People Buy (The Psychology of Persuasion)
  • Content Marketing
  • Introduction To Email Marketing
  • Registering On Mailchimp
  • Setting Up Your Mailchimp Account
  • Create An Audience On Mailchimp
  • Creating Campaigns and Follow Up Emails
  • Integrating Forms From Mailchimp
  • Double Optin Or Single Optin?
  • How To Write Emails That Sell
  • Headlines That Get Emails Opened.
  • How To Increase Click Through Rates
  • How To Get Your Email Creative Juice Flowing
  • Recruiting Affiliates
  • Joint Ventures


  • Driving Free Traffic To Your Site/Funnel
  • Understanding Facebook Platform
  • Creating a Business Manager
  • Setting UP Your Ad Account
  • Adding Funds To A Naira Ad Account
  • Adding Funds To A Dollar Ad Account
  • Researching Your Target Audience
  • Finding Hidden Target Audience
  • Positive and Negative Emotions
  • List of Words To Use and Avoid on Facebook
  • Anatomy of A Campaign
  • Understanding Campaign Objectives
  • Planning Your Campaigns
  • Creating Your Campaigns
  • Adding Pixels and Creating Conversion Campaigns
  • Create Custom Audiences
  • Spying On Competitors On Facebook
  • Promoting Sensitive Niches On Facebook
  • Preventing Account Ban On Facebook
  • What To Do When Your Account Gets Banned
  • The 30 Million Naira Campaign
  • Creating Video Ads
  • Understanding The Objective of a video ad
  • Your Video Ad Template
  • Developing The Hook
  • How To Ignite Pain/Pleasure
  • How To Describe The Solution
  • Creating Your Call To Action
  • Putting It All Together
  • Video Ad Samples
  • How To Build Your Tribe


  • Summary (What Really Matters)
  • Where The Real Money Is
  • How To Become A Successful Vendor
  • Start Publishing Globally
  • What's Now Holding You Back?

Click To HEAR What A Few Students Are Saying AND BONUSES FOR YOU

  • IBM: Information Business Machines value $997

Here's What Is Inside Information Business Machines

  • How to decide of which info product to create.
  • How to increase the perceived value of your product by applying one single strategy and have people pay what you want without them arguing.
  • The 3 questions you must ask before creating your product: Don't do this and you're doomed for failure.
  • You’d discover the 6 ninja questions you must ask your audience to know exactly what they want. This is very crucial to your success
  • You’d discover how to research your audience and know every pain they feel, their goals and desires. This means your customer will feel as though they have known you for long and develop instant trust for you
  • How to create a dipsy doodle sales funnel and have people beg to buy your products. (Now, you can have customers chase you)

  • Discover the one thing you must do to ensure you generate sales everyday and eliminate money problems forever.
  • How to get other people to promote your info product for you and increase your revenue.
  • How much should you sell your info product: There are products that sell better with higher prices and some better with lower prices.
  • You’d discover how you can record high quality audios and videos that your customers will love even if you haven’t done this ever. Stop wasting money on expensive softwares.
  • You’d discover how you can turn your ideas into softwares that people will pay you a lot of money for. Trust me, you can’t figure this out on your own and even if you can, it will cost you at least 6 months with lots of $$$.
  • You’d discover how you can build your own membership sites and have people register to gain access to your courses. Beautiful thing is, you don’t have to be a website developer to do this. Now you can get rid of website developers who take advantage of you.
  • You’d discover how to structure your free report even if you’ve never written a word to sell anything online ever. You just saved yourself 50hrs of research. Which means you'd have more time to focus on other things that will bring you more money.
  • You’d Discover how you can start having a flow of ideas for your information product. Great thing is, it doesn’t matter if you just had brain surgery. You can still do it.
  • You’d discover how to create evergreen webinars. This means all you have to do is create the online video training once and it will keep generating you money as long as you leave it online.
  • Step by Step guide to building a database of people and a group of followers that will beg you to buy from you.
  • You’d discover how to create knock out titles that will attract people to your information products like bees to honey. This is how Dale Carnegie was able to sell over 30 million copies of his book.
  • You’d discover the “Godfather strategy”, how you can create irresistible offers that people will beg you to take their money. With this, only a lunatic will refuse to buy your product.
  • How to create your info product even if you don't know how to write.
  • How to increase the perceived value of your product by applying one single strategy and have people pay what you want without them arguing. This is what separate the big time players from the small info marketers who continue to struggle online.
  • You’d discover how you can make more money from the same customer by selling them more of your products. This is how you increase your customers lifetime value. This means, you’ll be able to beat your competition to their game!
  • How to get your first sale even if you haven't ran an add ever.
  • Discover my failure proof method of attracting truckloads of  people to your products and converting them into cold hard cash FAST
  • The one strategy you can use today to make your first sale even if you don't have your info product created.
  • You’d discover how to get testimonials for your products. Cool stuff and I am sure you haven’t thought of anything like it. Many people worry about this. But you won't be one of them as you'd have all you need to get testimonials for your products. Some advanced marketers don't know this.
  • Understanding the Big 4 Niches and how to promote effectively on Facebook.
  • Discover the one thing you must do to ensure you generate sales everyday and eliminate money problems forever.You’d discover 2 shockingly simple way of using Facebook to sell your information products
  • You’d discover 3 strategies to enable you to make more money by sending simple emails.

  • And More...
  • Fast Action Bonus 1: 90 Days To One Million Naira Challenge Value: $497

This is where I'll take you behind the scenes and show you step by step..

Exactly how you can go from 0 to 1 Million in 90 days.

I'll tell you everything from the world of Facebook ads… To Market research to… creating irresistible offers and more.

You'll see how the money works here… you'll also see for yourself how I overcome the different marketing problems you're likely to face in online business and generate over 1 million within 90 days

 (This is is what no one ever shows) but I will show you how you navigate the waters of Internet marketing and make 1 million in 90 days or less

I'll be with you every step of the way for 90 days…

  • Fast Action Bonus 2: 30 DFY Products Value: $397

I created this to ensure you make your first sales as FAST as possible. So, I have put together 30 products you can simply edit and re-brand as your own and start selling.

This takes away hours and hours of work trying to create your own products from scratch.

This products comes with their own marketing materials.

Just imagine having a simple system that's all done for you so you all you need to do is:

  • Download
  • Edit
  • Upload
  • Sell

Well, that's how easy it is when you grab bonus products you can proudly call your own.

  • Fast Action Bonus 3: One Year FREE Consulting With Me value: Limitless

I usually charge between $1,000 to $1,500 for a 3 days consultation but you'll be able to consult with me for 1 full year for free!

How amazing is that?

Full access to me and you get first hand help and guidance.

I still can't believe I am doing this. It's like a dream to me.

You better jump on this before I wake up.

You will also be added to a support group where I will answer all your questions and make sure you’re not alone on this journey.

And you'd also be amongst business people with like minds. One thing I have discovered that kills newbies is when they don't have people to grow with or someone to share them up when they feel down.

This group will be you medicine at such times. You will never feel alone in this journey

  • Fast Action Bonus 4: Facebook Advertising Alchemy : $447
  • You will see exactly how to create your first advertising account on Facebook.

  • You’d see exactly how to advertise sensitive niches on Facebook and ensure your ad account doesn’t get flagged or banned.

  • Discover what you can do to get your ad account back if it eventually gets banned. This means you become ban proof to Facebook.
  • Discover how to research your audience and make sure you target the right people on Facebook who will buy your product. Don’t do this and you risk blowing off you hard earned money on Facebook ads.
  • A look into the 30 Million Naira campaign: I will show you my ad account and reveal to you what I did that made me generate such outstanding results with Facebook ads

  • You'll see how to scale your ads to the moon without wasting your money

  • You see how to plan your campaigns even if your daily budget is just $5

  • You’ll discover how to build a tribe of loyal followers you can sell your products to and make more money without spending on advertising.

  • You'll see how I plan and create my videos for advertising using just my mobile phone.

  • Fast Action Bonus 5: zero to 600,000 instagram followers value: $297

This is an instagram course that shows you how to go from zero to 600,000 instagram followers in 3 months for free!

One way you can easily get people to purchase your product without struggling is when you have a massive following on social media.

This course will walk you through it and you should be on your way to a massive following that leads to massive sales!

  • Fast Action Bonus 6: How to become a successful vendor value: $47

A simple way to make more sales is by having other people promote your product for. This alone can quadruple your sales and I will be showing exactly how to get people reaching out to you to promote your products.

These people are called affiliates and there are affiliate platforms where you can get so many people to help promote every product you create.

However, there are certain things you must have in place if you want people to be interested in promoting your products and I will be showing you exactly how.

  • Fast Action Bonus 7: ​21 Profitable Niches: $47

21 Profitable Niches you can build your information around that you can sell right now.

There are some niches that sell faster than others and I will be giving you access to 21 of them.You can just create a product around the niche and start selling.

This means you get to save yourself hrs of research trying to find a profitable niche to sell to.

  • Fast Action Bonus 8: PLR to 10X Ecommerce Blueprint value: $1997

I want to extend to you the amazing opportunity to have Private Label Rights to My Top selling product 10X Ecommerce  Blueprint Program.

This is the same course I sold in 2019 that generated me over $75,000.

What this means is that I will give you the full rights to own and sell this course and pocket all the proceeds.

You’re getting all the training videos I have taken my time to record for FREE.

Which means you don’t have to bother about creating your own course.

I’m Going To Give You 

The Entire Sales Funnel and Marketing Materials.

Which include the landing pages, emails, the bridge pages and the webinar page where you can have your webinar that sells it.

And of course the ad copies I used. You can decide to just model. Change a few things and make them totally yours.

With this, I’m taking away months and months of creating valuable contents for your market.

You could be making an extra $2,500 in the next 1 month with this proven course.

This course still brings me $1000 to $2.500 monthly even though I stopped running ads to it 5 months ago.

I know you're wondering if I have gone crazy for giving this out.

You might be right because I am seriously considering removing it right now...

I might wake up tomorrow morning and...
Remove This Bonus.

This is why you should take advantage of this today.

Now, the reason I am doing this is to help as many Information Business Machines students get their first sale as quick as possible with less time spent on creating their courses.

And because I want you guys to make money and have as much success like I have.

And also, just because I’m such a nice guy.

  • I want you to be able to quit your 9-5 job
  • Start a side hustle you can add to your job if you want
  • Take your family on a vacation
  • Say goodbye to your boss if you want
  • I want you to be able to control your destiny

That’s what I want you to do.

That’s my passion, to help people out.

And in order to do that, I have to provide the tools and materials that will make the journey easier for you.

That’s Why I Want To Give You 

My $75,000 Course...

...and start selling it as your own. Just change the name and you’re up and running with your own course.

So, go ahead and click on that button because you’re going to be getting a lot from this $75,000 course.

With it, you don’t have to worry;

  • About creating your own course
  • Creating your landing page and funnel pages
  • Ad copies
  • Follow up emails
  • You even receive the video sales script you can just model!

All right! What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and click on that button below this video 

This is guaranteed to bring you so much success.

  • Fast Action Bonus 9: Plug and Play (Fill-in-the-blank)Templates value: $997

I want to be honest with you my friend.

Starting and building a profitable internet business is hard. Forget what people tell you and make you think it's all bells and whistles.

You must put in the work. Because if you don't you won't see the results you need.

For instance;

  • You need to write sales letters
  • You need to write presell letters
  • You need to create pages for your letters
  • You need to write ad copies
  • You need to write emails

It's a lot of work that many people are not telling you.


But even though this requires work, it doesn't have to be so complex and this is why "Information Business Machines" is a game-changer for anyone looking at starting an information business.

You Know why?

1. I have set aside 21 niches you can profit from

2. I have set aside 30 product in those niches that you can choose from if you don't want to create yours.

3. I have created sales letter templates you can simply fill in the blanks.

4. I have created presell template to help you have your presell written in no time.

5. I have created fill in the blank templates for your advertising on Facebook to get people who don't know you to listen to you and buy from you.

The way you word your ad copy to those who haven't heard of you isn't the same way you word your copy to those who have heard of you. 

This is why this will blow your mind Jonathan Melody

6. I have created email templates you can send people who join your list.

What should your first email be? The template is right there to use.

How about the second? up to your 6th email. This is to endure you convert your visitors to customers.

7. I have created pages you can just upload and start editing to fit what you want.

8. I have written sales letter templates for you that you can quickly put together a sales letter even if you've never written one ever.

With this, I'm taking away 100s of dollars spend on copywriters or weeks of work if you try to write from scratch yourself.

Why did I go through all that to provide this for you? Because I know what it means to be able to get results quickly as it pushes you to do more and eventually make more.

And for a beginner, this is a lot of work and what better way to get newbies started on their feet than giving them templates to work with. It just makes the work 1000x easier.

The truth is, it can't get better than this.

  • 100% No Risk Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

With this money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

If after going through what I am about to show you and implement every single information and you still feel this is not worth what you paid for, just ask for a refund. Send me a message and I will send your money in full and even with an apology letter.

Note: You have to show a proof that you actually put the information to work to qualify for a refund

That’s how confident I am that this will make you a millionaire

Total Value: $5,450
But You'll Gain Access For

Today Price $127
Offer Ends


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. You will receive access to the video training materials immediately after you order - even if it's 2am!

After Payment Send Your Details to pay@informationbusinessmachines.com or send a message to 08165980908

What Few Students Are Saying







I came in contact with Jonathan Melody via Facebook and Its been great, I like reading his contents because they are easy to understand. Secondly, he really does care for his clients.

Ikor paul

I found out about him through one of his Facebook Advert. The E-Commerce package is quite enlightening though i'm yet to make full use of it due to some personal constraints but his contents generally are very enlightening unlike a lot of other courses you see out there. I think he's currently the only Nigerian that i read his digital contents and it's been really helpful. Before now one of the major people i listen to and follow when it has to do with Digital packages is Deepak, an Indian but now i have a honest Nigerian i can trust with such contents.

Thank you for helping people realize their dreams.


I saw Jonathan by chance online and put in my mail address

In fact, the one on graphics was the bomb. I personally intend to pay something for it no matter how little if am able to make some cash from it in few months from now.

Thanks, Jonathan for the information and exposition.

Adedeji Samuel

I got connected with you via Facebook. Jonathan Melody is the best thing that had happened to my on Nigeria cyberspace. His contents and materials are the best I have come across so far. Jonathan and his resources have really helped me and opened my eyes to wealth creation while leveraging on the internet

And if I am given a moment with him, I will simply tell him that he is amazing and will be forever grateful to him.


I stumbled on Jonathan online on one of his adverts on the 10x-Ecommerce Blueprint.

I bought Jonathan's 10x E-commerce Blueprint in June last year (2019), but before i could start implementing what i learnt i became very busy with my main job. But because of the way i cherished that work, when this new IBM course came out this year 2020 i quickly bought a package.

Jonathan, you're always very thorough and clear in your presentations. Watching and listening to your video is like having you make the presentation live. And your response to questions and complaints is very timely.

Well, for now i have two of his packages; the 10x Ecommerce Blueprint and the IBM. If he produces another stuff, i am very sure i will go for it.

Elder mark eke

I came across one of his Advertisement on Facebook and even though i am yet to purchase any of his training but his emails always inspire me. The Free Ecover mogul he gave out is great and I appreciate him for that. His words are encouraging and also he gives free tips on making money online and for that i am grateful and i cannot wait to buy into one of his programs.


I met him through 10X E-Commerce Facebook ads and the materials he has shared has helped me a lot in mastering mini importation and learning how to design website as well.

Thank you J.M for all you do, God bless you.

Oni helen

I actually stumbled on his ad on Facebook, the 10X E-commerce training made me realize that I can actually make money online o. Lol. I actually used to be very skeptical but my eyes have been opened to the abundance of avenues available with the right mindset

Thank you so much for being so available, always timely to answer questions and thank you for consistently putting out 100% content to help people like me

Emem Bassey

I met Jonathan via a Facebook sponsored post. His materials have given me some deep insights as regards product selection and online marketing.

I would say "Thank you for your valuable email newsletters.

Emeka Samuel onyekwere

It was on YouTube I came in contact with Jonathan Melody and his contents opened my eye's into the deep secrets in mini importation and I want to say thank you, Jonathan, for taking the time and paying the price to learn what you taught me

Burnan miri

I watched his Ad on Facebook and It has enlightened me so much that I believe I can make it online when i venture into it.

Otu Udofia

I met Jonathan via a Facebook Ad

And now, I have started my own busness through him. I make above my salary even as a medical personal

If I am given the opportunity to meet with him, I will give him Hugs and pecks.


I got to know Jonathan Melody through a Friend. He told me about his experience in E-commerce business. How he has been mentoring a lot of people in the business. I quickly subscribed to his Newsletter and have been receiving a lot of quality information from him.

His contents have made me to have a new mindset about entrepreneurship. How to sell digital products and also tips on E-commerce business.

Boss, i would love for you to continue to impact humanity, you have what it takes to transform E-commerce business in Nigeria and the World at large.

Abah francis

I got to know about him from one of his ads on Facebook. I've been able to put what I have learnt from him to practice and have set up structures to start my mini importation business. Now i am just waiting for COVID-19 to ease up and i am also pushing some information from what I have learnt and i am also working on launching ads to sell digital products now while I wait for China. GOD BLESS YOU MAN.

Kalat Dale Bagaiya

I got to know him via his course on 10X E-Commerce. Jonathan is one of the very few internet marketers I trust, his contents, materials, mentoring and coaching is out of this world. He keeps to his words and deliver on his promises.

J.M, thank you for your selfless service to humanity, thank you for being genuinely interested in helping people succeed, thank you for your sincerity and authenticity.

Itimitang Usanga

I stumbled on him online & I also met him by chance in his office at Lekki. I studied one of his materials yesterday It was quite expository & deep. I now understand that what I put is what I get especially when it comes to ad budgeting, I can now comprehend product & niche research decision.

Austine Owezie

I met him via google and watching and reading his materials has helped alot as it has opened my eyes to what to do and I am warming up to start immediately the world resumes. Thank you for eradicating poverty for interested people.

Balogun kemi

I got to know about Jonathan through Facebook. And I will say his contents has helped to open my eyes more to internet business, and I have gained a lot from them.

Falilat ahmed

I met Jonathan Through Instagram. His ad popped up on my page and I checked out his page and decided up to sign up for his email subscription and then his eCommerce blueprint course.

And I have learnt a lot from him. One of the things I learnt from the e-commerce blueprint course was on the importance of focusing on a niche. Before then I never understood how important it is to grow a niche, but now I understand just how important it is.

I pray God to help him to ontinue what he's always been doing which is going above and beyond for his students.

Emmanuel eyo

I honestly cannot remember how I came in contact with Jonathan Melody but maybe it was through Mr Toyin's emails.

Even though I'm yet to buy any of his course at the time of typing this, I hope to buy before the end of April, Jonathan is the real deal, he is humble, selfless and his emails have given me a sense of direction. The last email on Freelancing really helped me. I cannot wait to be part of your community Jonathan.

Thank you for touching lives the way you have done and you are still doing. You deliver 110%. You are one of the best if not the best online/digital marketer I've ever met.

Nana-Aishat alama

I came in contact with Jonathan via Fb ads.

And his contents have been really insightful.. 10x eCommerce blueprint was a turning point for me.. Although still learning the ropes amidst the global crises

I will say Jonathan should keep doing what he is doing, delivering great contents.

Omojevwe Godfrey

I got to know about Jonathan Melody from my Facebook page though I have not started making money from his materials because of some little hitch here and there but it hasn't stopped me from reading and watching his videos and materials which have been so helpful. Thank you so much.

Paschaline Felix

I got to know about Jonathan via his Facebook adverts and email letters

And if there's one thing I know, His courses are top-notch.

Ayodele ogunmiloro

I met him through Facebook, i am now an eCommerce merchant, Internet Marketer and on my way to becoming a digital course creator all with what i have learnt from Jonathan. I have said it before and I'd say it again;I believe in what he is doing. He's always improving; looking for ways to better at what he does. Keep it up boss!

Jade Joseph Sulaiman

I happen to follow him on different platform, but I get to reach him on Whatsapp and Telegram most times and i must confess learning from him has helped me tremendously in the online world.

I'll love to thank him so much for the good work, and the over value he has always given. It'll be a privilege to meet him in person.


I am a product of your 10X E-commerce blue print and have been following up ever since because all i have learnt has been very helpful and expository and I am sure and hoping that the breakthrough is near and i can not wait for it!!!

bath ude

I met Jonathan through expertnaire on recommendation from Toyin omotosho and ronald nzimora.

Always giving ideas on ecommerce and products to look out for.

Oji Uchenna

i got to know Jonathan Melody through one of his Facebook Ads. He has really moved my E-commerce activities to a greater level, and equally given me room to learn more. The materials have given me hope and guide on how to move to higher levels in E-commerce.

Thank you for waking me up from my Slumber.

Joy Chosen ezemma

I was with a woman who was just talking about how Jonathan Melody changed her and her business mindset on Facebook and watching his videos and getting emails from him regularly has broadened my knowledge so far and i am eternally grateful for all of it.

Jane david

I saw his ad on Facebook on 10x E-commerce and subscribed to his email list and from that day i have been getting constant emails from him which has been really helpful. The first is the joy and brightness that i feel at the site of an alert email from Jonathan which always keep me amazed at such beautiful write ups. This has inspired my writing skills a lot and just from the constant emails i have got lots of business ideas which excites me a lot. I downloaded your YouTube videos on Facebook ads. No dull moments ever from your mails, the mails always gets me excited more than a job interview. You are a blessing to me and to humanity as a whole. Thank you for all you have shared with us. The free videos on book covers are really helpful not to mention the free ideas for designers. God has already blessed you.

Angeh nsama favour

I met Jonathan Melody through the internet/importation business guide.

And I will say meeting him and applying his teachings has given me inspiration and courage to start my own business on importation, affiliate marketing and information marketing.


I got to know about Jonathan via his 10X E-commerce Video Training which was very helpful.

Thanks for being an inspiration to me. My dream is to be earning at least N2.5 Million monthly by age 27, I'm now 25...and whenever I feel down, I remember that you also achieved that... therefore I can also do same.


I don't really remember how i met him but I believe I followed a link from a Facebook advert of his and i have alot to say. I'm a starting entrepreneur, the journey has been rough but his email has been a source of encouragement. I remember just reading his email and having some ideas to promote my business. I think basically everything I learnt about online business I learnt via the messages from his email.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving mind blowing ideas!

Catherine Emammuel

I got to know him through email as i subscribed to one of his newsletters. His contents and the materials really helped me a lot. What some internet gurus would charge you for and abandon you, Jonathan would explain it to you in details so that you can master it yourself. He has been really helpful in making my online business improve.

I would love to thank him for his materials and information which he gives so liberally.

Falase Ayodeji

I met him via Facebook and his materials has helped me boost my income through his E-Commerce Course that is so explicit, well detailed and robust

Jolly enabulele

I met Jonathan via Facebook ads. And I will say his contents has opened my mind to so many ideas and opportunities and practical guides on how to achieve them.

Thank you, Jonathan, for all you do. God bless you.

Ejimofor Chinyere Gift

I met him via Facebook Advert and his videos and tutorials has helped in ways I never imagined. The value so far is more than the fee charged trust me

Jonathan, are amazing and if you have another course to sell, I will surely buy it.

Ibitoye Subaydat

I met Jonathan through his 10x e-commerce blueprint ads on Facebook and the materials has helped me alot and has reshaped my mindset.

I would love to say thank you for this great opportunity to learn from you.

Nikoro gift

I saw a Facebook advert by one Onyinye Monday about 7 days ago (March 22, 2020). It was on a mini importation business. In the write up she shared her testimony and gave credit to you as her coach and how she has earned so much money on mini importation. It was providence because as at that moment I was already exploring the idea and working on mini importation with another group and attending seminars, but they were not ready to accept me for the next training which would be some time in May 2020. I was not going to wait. From March to May is a long time to wait to start being productive and paying bills. That will be half the year gone. I clicked the link she provided and it took me to your blog and page. I had first googled your name and searched on Facebook. I noticed that some of my Facebook friends and people I know were already following you.

I stayed on your blog for the whole day from one video to another, one article and PDF to another. Thank God I had data. I was on it for about 7hours. I was convinced that you could offer me what the other guy was offering if not better. You were convincing. I already had some materials from the other group. Your cost was N25,000 and theirs was N20,000 but I decided to pay the extra money and get on with the training. Time is money. I wanted to be ready to launch out by the time corona saga is over. So I paid. I did the transfer 12.25 am on that night. it was not easy parting with that money blindly. I and was given access to the course. I started immediately. a lot of the things in the 10x eCommerce were already in some of your youtube videos but what I found interesting was how to make use of Google and Facebook to search and beat the competition or do I-SPY ( if you know what that means) . I was amazed at how those tools have been underutilized.


I met Jonathan Through his ads on Facebook

And in all totality, I have gained a lot from him. And If I am given a moment with him, I will hug him and tell him thank you over and over again.

Ehimika Quincy

I met Jonathan via an ecom affiliate marketing email.

Meeting him has made me more tech-savvy with his teachings and support.

Thank you, Jonathan and God bless you.

Matilda NWUKOR

I met him via Facebook and watching his videos and webinars has broadened my knowledge on e-commerce & i know there is a high prospect of me being a millionaire if given much attention. Thank you, God bless you richly!

Joshua Aladejare

I met him Via his link on Facebook and also watching his videos has helped me so much that it has broadened my understanding on what e-commerce is all about. I have attended a training on online business, but it is nothing compared to your blueprint. I feel i have wasted money attending the other training. Your training is more explicit and easy to understand. I can go on and on but time will not permit me, so let me just stop here. I have not started importing yet but i have no doubt that when i start i will definitely make it, with the knowledge i have acquired from you by God's grace.

You are truly the guy who cares. I do not regret ever stumbling on your link on Facebook. God bless you Sir and keep up the good work.

Loina Williams Amuga

I saw Jonathan's video on 10x eCommerce on Facebook, listened to it and then signed in.

And the contents has increased my knowledge of financial success. I want to say Thank you and continue the good works.

Gift ehiwe

I stumbled upon his Facebook Ad one day and since then It has brought me a lot of exposure, words can not really capture it!


I came in contact with Jonathan Melody on Facebook. I saw one of his numerous posts and picked interest in the article. Since then I've been following him like bees follow honey. Jonathan's contents and materials have helped me in finding and rediscovering my passion for making money online; though I'm yet to hit it big!!

Uche Kazi

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