Attention! Are You Still Spending Hours Struggling To Design Professional Book Covers For Your Clients or Product?

 Now You Can Design Beautiful High Quality Book Covers In 5 Minutes Or Less, Even If You Hate Photoshop

Yes, You Can Even If You Hate Photoshop

  • Over 60 videos to walk you through the whole process
  • Make more money with less effort and time
  • Learn How to use complicated photoshop features
  • Learn how to edit any template for best quality results
  • Learn how to design book covers from scratch

Hi, my name is Jonathan Melody and I have Been Making Money Using The Power of The Internet Since 2013...And Today, I Want To Show You How You Can Have A Piece of  The Pie As a Graphic Designer

Dear Designer

This is Jonathan Melody writing to you. I want to tell you something very important today. But first I want to let you know that one of the things I do to make a living (like you do or soon will) is designing graphics as a freelancer. Although I have decided to slow down and focus more on my other businesses.

Over the last 5 years I have been designing book covers for clients all around the globe as a freelancer and this has allowed me so many opportunities, met amazing people. Designing covers has rewarded me immensely.

  • I consistently earn a minimum of $1200 per month just from cover designs
  • I work when I want
  • I don’t have to be under the mercy of some almighty boss
  • I travel whenever I want and can still control my business

You know that joy of being able to take care of your family and reach out to those who need your help?

I even had better months, some $2000 plus…

This niche has been so lucrative and one of such reasons is;

A Demand Than Can Never  Be Met".

The Internet has been a huge boon to the marketing industry in general … and the graphics niche has been the live blood to this industry as marketers and writers keep creating products that needs covers each passing day and this demand keep rising especially now that a lot of writers are at home and will be writing more books to carter for the growing audience!

I Would Like To Help You

If you're used to spending hours, surfing the Internet, staring at your computer screen trying to come up with mind blowing design ideas for a perfect book cover art for you or your clients; or just for your portfolio to look astonishing and attention grabbing or even for your own products.

If so, you are one of the many people I want to give exclusive access to over 100 high quality pre-made ecover templates and a step by step guide to editing the templates and also a walk around photoshop tools to help ease the process.

One niche that would remain ever green for freelancers is the graphics niche (if you doubt this, head to google and type "How lucrative is the graphics design industry") and ecover design services is presently hot as writers, authors, internet marketers put up products every single day.

Are You Going To Be Part Of The Ebook Revolution?

Over the past decade, eBooks have grown to become one of the fastest rising industry on the planet.

Let’s consider the following facts:

  • The eBook industry represents a whopping$7 billion in yearly sales
  • It accounts for 20% of the entire US consumer book industry
  • Out of every two books sold one is an eBook
  • What I'm trying to say is, within the next 5 years, there will be more ebooks than physical books and it's already happening!

But There Is A Problem

It Is Tedious And Brain Exhausting Trying To Come Up With Book Cover Design Ideas!

The truth is, I was once in your shoes and know how it feels trying to come up with design ideas, struggling to decide the perfect color to use, how to place texts, etc I remember visiting various sites in order to gain inspiration for designs, spent hours looking through youtube for tutorials on ecover designs but found none. It was so frustrating that I decided to download any video that talked about the use of photoshop tools, how to create certain manipulations (Posted sometime ago when I just started an image of a vampire effect I had created on facebook lol).

You can still go through this whole process if you want but you must know it's tedious and time consuming. However, with pre-made templates and my tutorials, it's super easy to design beautiful looking and high quality ecovers that would leave your clients fully satisfied and wanting to flip open their wallets to leave you fat tips for a job well done.

You want that eh? of course!

You see my friend, I want to give you access to my brain and have you watch over my shoulders how I design high quality ecovers that keep my clients paying more and coming back for more every time(I recently designed a cover that required cutting out an image changing the look of a metallic feel to a wooden feel for $150!).Aha! you would say but Jonathan that's much work! Trust me it's not if you can just watch my videos and follow suite!.

You see, this is more than just handing you PSD files, I'll be teaching you how you can make the most out of these files in the members area.

With you providing high quality designs you keep making more money each month because your clients wouldn't hesitate to paying more to have you design their covers! Take a look at this;

All from designing book covers!

Now, Speaking Of Making Money,
Let Me Ask You A Sincere Question

  • Just how are you going to make more money if you keep providing your clients with poorly designed cover arts?
  • Do you seriously want to keep losing potential clients because of poorly designed covers? Of course not!

I know you don't just want a good cover for your clients but a cover that would blow  your clients away and keep them coming back for more .

First Impression Is Usually The Last!

If you can't provide your client high quality work the first time, you bet he'll be gone and you'll be left with a bad review.

I have done all the hard work and brain storming for you. Now all you have to do is sap on my knowledge and just plug in. It's that simple!



Ecovermogul makes it so simple that just about anyone can design an eye-popping, professional book cover...

...even if you have little to no experience!

With over 100 pre made templates in different niches, you're on your way to becoming a professional ecover designer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get ECOVER MOGUL Today

  1. 1
    100% Unique Graphics: All templates Where created by me and of premium high quality
  2. 2
    Save time and Brain Energy: No need for above the counter brain storming! Complete more projects as quickly as possible
  3. 3
    Make More Money: Charge more for your quality designs
  4. 4
    Unlimited Personal License: Create as many designs as you want. There's no limit!
  5. 5
    Videos To Guide You: Over 60 videos to take you through the whole process.

Here's A Message From Carl After Deploying One of The PSD Templates In 5minutes

Don't Take My Word For It See What Others Are Saying About Ecover Mogul

“These Are Some of The Best Covers I Have Seen.”

Jonathan Melody is a brilliant e-book designer. These are some of the best ebook cover designs I have ever seen anywhere. If you need someone to teach you cover designs or you need quality designs for your projects, then this is it. I can't recommend this emough.He's the real deal period.

Abiola Boluwaji Oluwasanmi

“I Was Lucky To Receive A Review Copy..."

I was Lucky enough to receive a review copy of the ecover mogul, and here's what I have to say after playing around with the package for 3 days...I was expecting some regular type kindle cover design templates, but I was stunned to get A Lot more! The quality of the layered designs inside the package literally blew me away.

From beginner, to intermediate, to pro, trust me, this is the package you want if you're looking for some awesome kindle cover design templates to breathe life into your design projects with no stress. Without giving away too much of the surprises, I'd say the ecover mogul is worth WAY more than it is priced, with all that's inside. Simply put, Jonathan has done a superb job with the ecover mogul, and he is without doubt, a talented designer.

To anyone looking for quality kindle cover design templates, your search has ended! Grab your copy before the price changes

Ugochukwu Dosh

“This is Simply The Best Package"

If I'm not blown away by the quality of this product, then I must be lying. I've known and worked with Jonathan over a long period of time.

Every piece of art handled by him has always been mind grabbing. I'm so excited the much awaited Ecovermogul course is finally out. This is simply the best package for anyone who wants to be a pro in ecover designs.

The only problem I have is that it is priced too low compared to the value packed inside. I highly recommend this for anyone who has had the dream of being a pro graphic designer because Jonathan poured his heart into this.

Okoro I. Israel

“Jonathan Is Simply The Best..."

When it comes to the best, Jonathan is simply one. You've got to invest wisely and you can never regret purchasing Ecover mogul. I have gone through it's content and I must say this package is far worth more than What it's been sold at. 100% guaranteed

Nnamdi Matthew Nwedu

“Jonathan Is One Of The Most Creative Minds"

Jonathan is one of the most creative minds I have ever met when it comes to graphics design. I have known him in an early program we both joined. He stood out exceptional, so when he brought out his own product Ecovermogul,

I was left with no choice but to join him. I must say with no intention to hype that this is the best investment I have made when it comes to buying IM products. I really don't know why he is selling for so cheap.

The PSD files is way more than the cost of the products and not to even mention the videos. If I have my way I would pay him off the copies he hope to sell and take it off the shelve so the competition will be reduced. However, you must be willing to follow through to achieve your desired results

Emmanuel Audu

What You Pay Today

You see, I could easily charge you N50,000 and it would be worth every penny. But I know what it means when someone is trying to get their foot up on the internet. So For the first 50 persons, I am giving away all the video trainings for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. For FREE! Over 70 videos!

I know you think I am going Crazy. But then, I am the guy who truly cares. All you just have to do is use the coupon code "MARCH2020"

Still WANT More? Be My Guest!

“Ecovermogul Is Unlike Any Other Product On The Internet"

Is there anyone here who is not making money online yet especially on fiverr? then you have to read this.

Jonathan Melody's Ecovermogul is unlike any internet product I have ever seen. If you ever want to get started providing professional, exotic and superb ecover designs that can sell from $50 upwards, then you need this product. From my own findings, it's simply a "done for you" product and there are many categories of ecovers ranging from fantasy to paranormal, to fiction, non fiction and a host of other categories. I even got to discover some exotic fints I never had, fonts that makes some covers look like stuff out of this world.

One thing I know Jonathan Melody for is his good heart to help people as I see from the videos he releases and the tips he gives from time to time. So if you get this pack, just know you're getting a very good product. The pack is simply awesome.

Please don't email me to give you for free, it is very cheap at so go get yours now as you will appreciate only what you spent money to get.

Jerry Asemota

Now, Incase You're Wondering What Is Inside The PSD Pack That People Won't Stop Talking About, Here's A Peek

But This is Only Going To Be For
The First 50 Persons Who Get The Videos

Over 60 videos just to get you started with making money as an ecover designer and you could be on your way to making figures like this;

Here's What "You'll Learn From The Videos"

  • How To Make Use of all Photoshop tools to design breath taking covers.
  • How To Design Fiction and Fantasy covers (video 31)
  • How to Search For A replicate Of An Image Using That Image (This will save your hrs of search)
  • How To Design Non fiction covers (video 32)
  • How To Come Up With Different Design Concepts(video 27)
  • The Art of Creating Typography covers (video 33)
  • How to start using canva for your designs (video 37)
  • How To Design Paperback (Createspace) Covers (video 34)
  • How To Create Animated Book Covers
  • ​The Ultimate Guide To Getting Clients On Facebook That pay you for your work.
  • How To Offer Your Services Using 99 Designs (video 42)
  • How To Offer Your Services On (video 41)
  • How To Offer Your Services working on upwork
  • How To Get Premium images almost for free(video 36)
  • How To Design Stunning Covers Using MS word (video35)
  • Color Manipulation: Changing colors of different parts in an image (video 26)
  • ​Image Licensing (video 20) Save yourself a lawsuit by understand what image you should use and not use for your designs
  • ​And many more than this page can take

And You're Getting All Videos For FREE Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving out these videos for free?

Can I send you a message if I have a question?

Is it only book covers I can design using this knowledge?

Do you do paid classes?

Can I have access to your vault of PSD files?

Is the information Up to date

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