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Now because you’re already inside the Information Business Machines, I want to extend to you the amazing opportunity to have Private Label Rights to My Top selling product 10X Ecommerce  Blueprint Program.

This is the same course I sold in 2019 that generated me over 30 million Naira.

What this means is that I will give you the full rights to own and sell this course and pocket all the proceeds.

You’re getting all the training videos I have taken my time to record.

Which means you don’t have to bother about creating your own course.

Today Price = $97

Regular $2,597

I’m going to give you the entire sales funnel marketing materials.

Which include the landing pages, emails, the bridge pages and the webinar page where you can have your webinar that sells it.

And of course the ad copies I used. You can decide to just model. Change a few things and make them totally yours.

With this, I’m taking away months and months of creating valuable contents for your market.

You could be making an extra 1million Naira in the next 1 month with this proven course.

This course still brings me 500k to 700k monthly even though I stopped running ads to it 5 months ago.

In addition to that, you’d also receive private label rights to my ecover mogul program. A program that teaches people how to make money from designing book covers and this period is the best time to sell a product like this since most persons are at home and would love to start earning in dollars.

This Will Always Be In High Demand All Year Round

This is just awesome!

Now, the reason I am doing this is to help as many IBM students get their first sale as quick as possible with less time spent on creating their courses.

And because I want you guys to make money and have as much success like I have.

And also, just because I’m such a nice guy.

  • I want you to be able to quit your 9-5 job
  • Take your family on a vacation
  • Say goodbye to your boss

That’s what I want you to do.

That’s my passion, to help people out.

And in order to do that, I have to provide the tools and materials that will make the journey easier for you.

That’s why I want to give you my 30 million Naira course and start selling it as your own. Just change the name and you’re up and running with your own course.

So, go ahead and click on that button because you’re going to be getting a lot from this 30million naira course.

With it, you don’t have to worry;

  • About creating your own course
  • Creating your landing page and funnel pages
  • Ad copies
  • Follow up emails
  • You even receive the video sales script you can just model!

All right! What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and click on that button below this video 

This is guaranteed to bring you so much success.

And it’s a one time offer.!So, click on that button and get my 30 million Naira course at a crazy crazy discount now.


I'm currently working on a training that's going to take the internet by storm and this is how I create Facebook offers that pays for my ad costs.

Listen, the money is not on the first product you sell but on the backend products and there are mechanics (moving parts) to make this work right.

And this is what I am going to detail inside this program "The Self Liquidating Offer"

Once it's launched, you'll be amongst the first persons to have access.

It will be sold for $47 but you will have it for free.

FAST ACTION BONUS 2 : One Year FREE Consulting With Me value: Limitless

I usually charge between $1,000 to $1,500 for a 3 days consultation but you'll be able to consult with me for 1 full year for free!

How amazing is that?

Full access to me and you get first hand help and guidance.

I still can't believe I am doing this. It's like a dream to me.

You better jump on this before I wake up.

You will also be added to a support group where I will answer all your questions and make sure you’re not alone on this journey.

And you'd also be amongst business people with like minds. One thing I have discovered that kills newbies is when they don't have people to grow with or someone to share them up when they feel down.

This group will be your medicine at such times. You will never feel alone in this journey.

And it doesn't stop there, you will be assigned accountability partners who will push you to achieve the results that you probably wouldn't if you were doing it all by yourself.

Every week we have Live QnA sessions and you also will be part of it. This is where we analyse your entire business, see what you're doing wrong and help you fix it.

You don't want to miss this.

Total Value: $2597

Today Price = $97

Regular $2,597

Note: At this time, we won't be able to ship the HDD that contains the 10X ECOMMERCE BLUEPRINT files, but you will gain access to them online where you can download them and edit to suit your needs

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